Human Resources and Reduced Hours

Open Access
Butler, Erika
Graduate Program:
Human Resources and Employment Relations
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
April 02, 2009
Committee Members:
  • Bob Drago, Thesis Advisor
  • Mark Sebastian Anner, Thesis Advisor
  • Billie Willits, Thesis Advisor
  • reduced-load work
  • work-family balance
  • flexible work options
  • flexible work schedule
  • work-life balance
  • human resources
  • reduced hours
  • part-time work
  • Australia
The purpose of this research is to discover how often Human Resource professionals use reduced hour policies and how much HR professionals desire to use these policies. This study also aims to find the difference between reduced hour use and opinions of women and men HR professionals. HR professionals were surveyed in the United States and Australia to determine the differences between the two countries regarding the use and opinion of reduced hours in the field of HR. The results show that more Australian HR professionals use reduced hour policies than American HR professionals and more Australian companies make reduced hours available than American companies. Also, in both countries, women were more likely than men to use reduce hours, want to but not be able to use reduced hours and believe that reduced hours policies should be expanded. Furthermore, the results indicate that the majority of HR professionals in America and Australia believe that reduced hours should be made more available and that more HR professionals desire to use these policies than have been able to use them.