Serviceability Analysis for Deflection of Reinforced Concrete Floor Slabs in Multi-Story High-Rise Buildings

Open Access
Motter, Christopher John
Graduate Program:
Civil Engineering
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
April 22, 2009
Committee Members:
  • Andrew Scanlon, Thesis Advisor
  • construction loading
  • construction loads
  • construction load
  • crossing-beam
  • reinforced concrete slab
  • floor slab
  • floor slabs
  • slab deflection
  • slab deflections
  • slab serviceability
  • two-way slab
  • slab deflection-time history
  • crossing beam
  • shoring
  • reshoring
An analytical algorithm is developed to compute the mid-panel deflection-time history for two-way reinforced concrete floor slabs in multi-story high-rise buildings. Mid-panel deflection is determined using the crossing beam analogy, superimposing column strip and middle strip deflections. The analysis procedure incorporates the effects of early-age construction loading. The algorithm determines the loading-time history of the slab based upon the details of construction schemes involving one level of shoring in conjunction with two, three, or four levels of reshoring. Alternatively, the algorithm may operate based upon a prescribed loading-time history. The analytical algorithm is implemented as an interactive C++ computer program using Microsoft Visual Basic C++ Standard Edition 2003. A parametric study determines the sensitivity of the algorithm to variation in individual input parameters. Comparison of program results with published experimental results justifies the program as a valid means of computing two-way slab deflection-time histories.