A Reusable Spacecraft Command and Telemetry Storage Framework

Open Access
Peterson-Burch, Shea Donald Forrest
Graduate Program:
Aerospace Engineering
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
Committee Members:
  • Lyle Norman Long, Thesis Advisor
  • spacecraft
  • commands
  • telemetry
  • command and telemetry database
The problem of successfully managing the ever increasing quantity of spacecraft commands and telemetry involved in today’s typical spacecraft missions demands building a standardized spacecraft command and telemetry storage framework that can be readily reused from mission to mission and that will allow for a broad range of applications, users, and data flow processes without requiring costly customizations. This reusable framework requires a number of key components – a flexible storage mechanism that can be adapted to a variety of mission configurations, an easy and robust mechanism for importing and modifying data, monitoring and reporting functionality that ensures data integrity and alerts the user to problems, an easy and flexible means of generating reports and transmitting information, and a means to allow for a distributed, multi-user, multi-role environment typical of most working environments. The work described here address two of the traditional problem areas associated with the construction of such a reusable command and telemetry framework: a storage mechanism that is flexible enough to handle multiple configurations as well as ongoing changes to that configuration and secondly, an import process, both bulk and incremental, that is constructed for ease of human and software use while simultaneously enforcing data integrity. Solutions are presented and subsequently implemented in Java, XML, and MySQL.