Supporting the use of technology in organizations over time

Open Access
Skattebo, Amie Lyn
Graduate Program:
Doctor of Philosophy
Document Type:
Date of Defense:
April 30, 2009
Committee Members:
  • Dr Jeanette Cleveland, Dissertation Advisor
  • Dr Jeanette N Cleveland, Committee Chair
  • Dr Kevin R Murphy, Committee Member
  • Samuel Todd Hunter, Committee Member
  • Steven Raymond Haynes, Committee Member
  • Psychological Climate
  • Technology Acceptance
In the current research, I introduce a multidimensional construct, system support climate (SSC), and predict that different dimensions of this construct are more or less influential across different stages of the lifespan of a technology in the workplace. Specifically, I seek to address the following: (1) What are the dimensions of SSC that are important to technology acceptance? (2) Do these dimensions predict technology use differentially over time? If so, when are the various dimensions most influential? (3) What are some of the boundary conditions for predicting technology use based on the levels of SSC? To address these questions, I extrapolate the dimensions of SSC based on a review of past empirical research. I then map these dimensions onto a stage model representing the lifespan of the technology in the organization. Finally, I present preliminary evidence regarding the efficacy of this stage model based on pilot studies and a survey of course management system users across multiple universities. The results of this research not only extend our scientific understanding of relationships between organizational climate and technology use, but also point to some practical recommendations for organizational leaders seeking to better invest their scarce resources to bolster technology acceptance. Limitations of the current study and recommendations for future research are discussed.