A Study of the Relationship of Parental Involvement to Student Achievement in a Pennsylvania Career and Technology Center

Open Access
Shaw, Cynthia A
Graduate Program:
Workforce Education and Development
Doctor of Philosophy
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Date of Defense:
February 19, 2007
Committee Members:
  • Cynthia Pellock, Committee Chair
  • Kenneth Gray, Committee Chair
  • Edgar Paul Yoder, Committee Member
  • Richard Allen Walter, Committee Member
  • student achievement
  • parental involvement
This study investigated whether parental involvement was a factor in the performance of career and technical students. The study attempted to determine the types of parent involvement behaviors that were most prevalent in the CTC and if there was a relationship between parent involvement and student achievement when controlling for family structure , IEP, PSSA reading score, and PSSA math score. The participants were 98 senior program completers at a south western Pennsylvania career and technology center. Each participant’s parent completed a survey designed to identify parent involvement behaviors. Results were analyzed using descriptive data analysis and logistic regression. Study found that home-based parental involvement was most prevalent in this setting. The regression analysis indicated that parental involvement and PSSA reading score were significant predictors of student achievement.