Testing Binary Black Hole Codes in Strong Field Regimes

Open Access
Garrison, David
Graduate Program:
Doctor of Philosophy
Document Type:
Date of Defense:
June 20, 2002
Committee Members:
  • Pablo Laguna, Committee Chair
  • Steinn Sigurdsson, Committee Member
  • Jorge Pullin, Committee Chair
  • Abhay Vasant Ashtekar, Committee Member
  • numerical relativity
  • cosmology
  • black holes
  • partial differential equations
  • gravity
In order to further our understanding of the instabilities which develop in numerical relativity codes, I study vacuum solutions of the cosmological type (T^3 topology). Specically, I focus on the 3+1 ADM formulation of Einstein's equations. This involves testing the numerical code using the following non-trivial periodic solutions, Kasner, Gowdy, Bondi and non-linear gauge waves. I look for constraint violating and gauge mode instabilities as well as numerical effects such as convergence, dissipation and dispersion. I will discuss techniques developed to investigate the stability properties of the numerical code.