Framing a Turkish Campus Sustainability Assessment System

Open Access
Tari, Cansu
Graduate Program:
Master of Architecture
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
March 21, 2016
Committee Members:
  • Ute Poerschke, Thesis Advisor
  • Campus sustainability
  • sustainability indicators
  • Turkish universities
  • national campus sustainability action plan.
Sustainable campus design and planning in Higher Education requires an entire action plan and coordination of physical, educational, and social systems. Many institutions in the world are defining their sustainable development path and some are following existing green building and sustainable campus rating/ranking systems, guidelines. In the context of higher education, Turkish universities have limited academic, social and financial support related to sustainable living, building, and campus studies. While some research has been conducted in the last 60 years by farsighted academics, most of these works represent the interests of individuals and small organizations, and they are not known enough by the population of universities and possible prospective investors. Regarding the recent fast and uncontrolled growth in the Turkish Higher Education environment, framing a campus sustainability indicator set is a necessity for the sustainable development of universities. The main objective of this thesis is to specify the applicable sustainability indicators in the national context of Turkey, and propose a model guideline for sustainable Turkish university campuses. The analysis of Turkish legislation on environmental issues, special conditions of Turkish Higher Education system, and Turkey’s environmental risks and challenges set the backbone of the study and distinguish the set of indicators from generalized guidelines. Finally, the thesis outlines concrete suggestions for Turkish Universities to integrate sustainability efforts in a regional context via case study application. It will be useful for campus sustainability managers and planners, interested in developing action plans in their national and regional scope.