Force Reconstruction using Force Gauges and Modal Analysis

Open Access
Axtell, Wesley A
Graduate Program:
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
March 14, 2016
Committee Members:
  • Tyler Patrick Dare, Thesis Advisor
  • John Brian Fahnline, Thesis Advisor
  • Modal analysis
  • Force gauges
  • Force reconstruction
Methods of inferring excitation forces from measured accelerometer data have received significant attention in recent years. This thesis attempts to combine existing techniques with force gauges to determine excitation forces on a vibrating structure. A mathematical algorithm was derived and applied to theoretical and experimental data where a known impact force was applied to a plate mounted through force gauges. These experiments were used both to validate the mathematical algorithm and to investigate its limitations. The results show that the applied force for a fixed structure can be reconstructed better than force gauges alone using a combination of force gauge data and free boundary condition modal analysis. Additional results demonstrate that this method is capable of rejecting unwanted external forces that were applied to the main structure.