validation of controlling batch muller by energy dose

Open Access
Wang, Di
Graduate Program:
Industrial Engineering
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
Committee Members:
  • Robert Carl Voigt, Thesis Advisor
  • green sand
  • mulling energy
  • sand properties
  • sand related scrap
Foundries control batch muller of green sand system by controlling mulling cycle time. It is believed that decreasing mulling time will cause sand property degradation and casting quality issues. However, it is also possible to control mullers using batch-to-batch mulling energy dose. In this study our analysis of sand properties, sand related scrap and before and after mulling with batch energy control rather than mulling time control will be presented. Decreasing mulling time resulted no degradation in sand properties or casting quality. Mulling to energy implementation increased the throughput of muller by more than 20%. In addition, for further research strategies that use various mulling energy dose to control batch muller (Mulling to Asymptote) and use advanced statistical method (ARIMA) to analyze energy and other sand properties will be discussed.