Best Friends' Cultural Orientation as a Mediator Between Familial Ethnic Socialization and Ethnic Identity Among Mexican-origin Adolescent Girls

Open Access
Kim, Seung Yoo
Graduate Program:
Human Development and Family Studies
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
March 29, 2015
Committee Members:
  • Mayra Y Bamaca, Thesis Advisor
  • Valarie Elizabeth King, Thesis Advisor
  • familial ethnic socialization
  • cultural orientation
  • ethnic identity
  • Latino youth
  • mediation
  • structural equation modeling
Research indicates that ethnic identity (EI) protects minority youth on various indicators of adjustment, but with the exception of studies on familial ethnic socialization (FES) there is a dearth of research pertaining to contextual influences on EI development. Using a sample of Mexican-origin adolescent girls, the current study examined best friends’ Mexican cultural orientation as a mediator between FES and EI using a three-wave longitudinal design. Moreover, age and generational differences in this mediation were explored. Analyses revealed that FES promoted adolescent EI 3.5 years later, but that this effect was mediated by best friends’ Mexican cultural orientation. In addition, no significant group differences were found across age or generational status groups, which suggests that the mediational process holds across adolescence and generational statuses. This study highlights the contribution of peer context to EI development and its role in the process by which FES influences EI development during adolescence.