Influence Of Headspace Gas Mixture And Oxygen Scavengers On Master Packed Ground Beef Storage And Display Stability

Open Access
Arteaga Custode, Isabel Steffanie
Graduate Program:
Animal Science
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
March 25, 2015
Committee Members:
  • Edward William Mills, Thesis Advisor/Co-Advisor
  • Master pack
  • Oxygen scavenger
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Color stability
  • Ground Beef
Studies were performed to evaluate the influence of oxygen scavengers and different headspace atmospheres on master packed ground beef storage and display stability, as well as their effect on package characteristics. Master packed ground beef with 20% CO2/80% N2, 20% CO2/80% O2, 30% CO2/70% N2, or 0.4% CO/30% CO2/69.6% N2 and with or without oxygen scavengers, Ageless® or FreshPax®, were stored at 0.5°C for up to 28 days and displayed at 4°C for up to 4 days. Results indicated that changes in film deflation were mainly a result of carbon dioxide concentration decrease in master packs. Comparing 20% CO2/80% O2 with 20% CO2/80% N2 master packs without oxygen scavengers, high oxygen packages had slightly better color stability during storage (p<0.05). However, these differences were not maintained during display (p>0.05). In addition, TBARS as an indicator of lipid oxidation increased (p<0.05). To improve color stability of low oxygen packages, the effect of oxygen scavengers during master pack storage was investigated. As a result of decreased oxygen concentrations in the presence of oxygen scavengers, transient discoloration was observed. In addition, red meat color, a* values and oxymyoglobin concentration, was maintained for up to 28 days of storage. Nevertheless, a* values during display decreased as storage time increased (p<0.05). The addition of CO in master packs with oxygen scavengers improved meat redness, a* values and browning index, during display (p<0.05). Aside from decreasing oxygen concentration, oxygen scavengers greatly reduced headspace carbon dioxide and increased carbon monoxide concentrations during storage (p<0.05). Among the microbial analyses performed, psychrotrophic bacteria counts were higher after 14 and 21 days of storage when oxygen scavengers were not present (p<0.05). Oxygen scavengers and CO independently and additively were beneficial for maintaining desirable fresh meat color in master packed ground beef.