Novel Circular Ring Phased Array Antenna Design

Open Access
Desai, Kunj Jigish
Graduate Program:
Electrical Engineering
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
November 24, 2014
Committee Members:
  • James Kenneth Breakall, Thesis Advisor
  • Julio Urbina, Thesis Advisor
  • Phased Array FEKO MATLAB Antenna OWA Yagi Radar
The aim of this thesis was to develop a novel design for a phased array antenna especially considering a circular geometry at 50 MHz, while an Optimized Wideband Antenna Yagi (OWA Yagi) was used as an antenna array element. Examples of successful simulation results have been shown which include optimization of element spacing and radiation pattern analysis. For radar systems, this design gives a better way to implement the antenna array via a series of simulations. The electromagnetic solver FEKO and the Phased Array Toolbox of MATLAB from Mathworks have been used extensively to generate, optimize, and validate the results as per expectation. Along with this novel technique, this thesis also provides the background of the FEKO code and the newly developed MATLAB Phased Array Toolbox. A separate section has been allocated to display the results of FEKO and MATLAB. Analytic discussion of the results is provided after the graphical display of the modeling and simulation, where the effect of array element spacing on the overall gain and radiation pattern is discussed. To minimize the effect of mutual coupling between antenna array elements, triangular lattices are incorporated. The approximate cost of each Yagi has also been given. At the end of the thesis, a brief summary of this current work and the future tasks are discussed.