The Design Of Substituted Poly(benzyl carbamates) for Depolymerization in the Solid State

Open Access
Beiswenger, Kristin Marie
Graduate Program:
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
October 23, 2014
Committee Members:
  • Scott T Phillips, Thesis Advisor
  • depolymerization
  • poly(benzyl carbamates)
  • polyurethanes
  • solid state
  • smart materials
  • responsive polymer
Polymers that provide an autonomous and amplified response by depolymerizing continuously from end-to-end when a reaction-based detection unit responds to a specific stimulus (CDr type) offer an interesting avenue for a wide range of applications, including smart materials such as responsive plastics. While poly(phthalaldehyde)-based materials are capable of this solid state depolymerization, these materials are limited by the instability of the polymer; therefore, other polymer backbones have been explored, including poly(benzyl carbamates). This thesis describes the design strategy, synthesis, and evaluation of CDr type substituted poly(benzyl carbamates) for applications that require depolymerization in the solid state.