Architectural Considerations For Context Aware Applications In A Mobile Cloud Computing Environment

Open Access
Nimmala, Spoorthi Rao
Graduate Program:
Computer Science and Engineering
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
June 25, 2014
Committee Members:
  • David J Hall, Thesis Advisor
  • Context Aware Applications
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
There have been significant recent changes in three areas related to mobile application technology: 1) Mobile devices have become more powerful and equipped with increasingly useful sensors; 2) Mobile device networks have improved in both bandwidth and reliability; and 3) New “apps” and usage patterns have resulted in greater amounts of data that are closely linked to the user and the activities that they use their device for. A new class of applications such as Google Now[1], seek to behave as “virtual agents” to assist the user based on a large variety of fused data. Unfortunately, these applications are largely “closed source” and little of the basic research is made public. This thesis explores the state of the art of this new class of applications with a special emphasis on questions such as: 1) What types of problems are best suited to this class of application (e.g. lost traveler abroad, assistive technology, etc.)? 2) When is it beneficial to perform processing on the device itself vs. connecting to the “cloud” or server? 3) What are the privacy concerns related to this type of information gathering and fusion? The contributions of the thesis include: 1) A comprehensive literature review of the current state of the art and related technologies under development. 2) Design of a framework describing how relevant technologies interconnect 3) Design and implementing a software prototype to explore the effects of “on device” versus “in cloud” computation (see item 2 above). 4) Analysis of the implemented prototype and discussion of future implications.