Are you sure the library is that way? Metacognitive monitoring of spatial judgments

Open Access
Stevens, Christopher Adam
Graduate Program:
Doctor of Philosophy
Document Type:
Date of Defense:
April 17, 2014
Committee Members:
  • Richard Alan Carlson, Dissertation Advisor
  • Nancy Anne Coulter Dennis, Committee Member
  • Rick Owen Gilmore, Committee Member
  • Frank Edward Ritter, Special Member
  • metacognition
  • spatial memory
  • metamemory
  • calibration
  • confidence
No studies to date have examined the factors that affect confidence in judgments of spatial direction. The central aims of this dissertation were to determine the relationship between confidence and accuracy of spatial judgments and the factors that influence this relationship. Participants pointed to imagined targets and rated their confidence in the accuracy of their pointing judgments. In Experiments 1 and 2, participants imagined themselves pointing to buildings on Penn State’s campus. In Experiment 3, participants imagined pointing to targets within a novel campus that they learned from a map. In general, participants showed poor sensitivity to factors that influenced the accuracy of their spatial judgments.