Essays in Closed-loop Supply Chains

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Abbey, James Duane
Graduate Program:
Business Administration
Doctor of Philosophy
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Date of Defense:
February 05, 2013
Committee Members:
  • V Daniel R Guide Jr., Dissertation Advisor
  • V Daniel R Guide Jr., Committee Chair
  • Margaret Grace Meloy, Committee Member
  • Johann Baumgartner, Committee Member
  • John Eugene Tyworth, Committee Member
  • Closed-Loop Supply Chains
  • CLSC
  • Remanufacturing
The essays in this dissertation examine closed-loop supply chains from multiple perspectives: strategic/tactical processes and behavioral aspects with extensions to economic implications. The first chapter of this dissertation outlines the links and overlaps among the various CLSC research perspectives in a broad overview. Specifically, the first chapter starts with a general discussion of closed-loop supply chains and an overview of research topics within two general activities of a closed-loop supply chain: the market (i.e., the back-end of a closed-loop supply chain) and the engine (i.e., the remanufacturing processes). The second chapter delves more deeply into the behavioral aspects of closed-loop supply chains through multiple studies designed to elicit the potential of consumer markets for remanufactured products. The third chapter focuses on the strategic and tactical priorities of business-to-business remanufacturing firms through a delayed differentiation model in the engine portion of the closed-loop supply chain. The fourth chapter ties the discussion together with an analysis of the resulting research stream. The fourth chapter includes a market-based discussion that deals with both empirically derived behavioral findings and empirically driven economic implications of these behavioral findings. The fourth chapter also describes the relatively undocumented role of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in closed-loop supply chains. The overall result is a holistic set of essays covering a range of interrelated topics in closed-loop supply chains.