Examining Middle School Students’ Awareness Of Their Career Paths

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Alsuwaidi, Sultan Ahmed
Graduate Program:
Workforce Education and Development
Doctor of Philosophy
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Date of Defense:
July 12, 2012
Committee Members:
  • Richard Allen Walter, Dissertation Advisor
  • Richard Allen Walter, Committee Chair
  • Edgar I Farmer Sr., Committee Member
  • Robert Clark, Committee Member
  • Edgar Paul Yoder, Committee Member
  • career exploration
  • career education and guidance
  • examining UAE middle students’ career awareness
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) education system is missing an educational plan that can provide students the necessary information to learn about themselves and the world of work and help them make a smooth transition from primary school to secondary schools and the workplace. To address this gap, this study examined 9th graders’ career awareness and preparation regarding education career options that fit their personality types. Natalie (2008) stated, “Finding the right career can lead to a lifetime of satisfaction, but not finding the right career can lead to poor self-esteem, lowered self-efficacy, a lack of life satisfaction, and even depression” (p.227). The results indicate that students are generally not aware of educational career options and there is limited curricular option to explore career opportunities. Therefore, the UAE needs a career education and guidance program designed to help students understand themselves and to be realistic about their strengths and weaknesses; explore their own interests, abilities and values; and make meaningful and satisfying career choices.