Open Access
Guo, Fei
Graduate Program:
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
July 10, 2018
Committee Members:
  • Shadi Nazarian, Thesis Advisor
  • Jose M Pinto Duarte, Committee Member
  • Ali M Memari, Committee Member
  • Eduardo Castro e Costa, Committee Member
  • High-rise
  • Residential
  • Facade
  • Variety
  • Architect
  • Computer programming
  • User-interface
This thesis proposes an assistant computational design tool to facilitate the design of high-rise residential building facades that present variety. Nowadays, high-rise residential buildings have become a solution to house a rapidly growing population. As a result, innumerable high-rise residential buildings with similar facades have been constructed in a short time. Without enough time to design, such the repetitive facades make cities look monotonous. However, many facade designs are generated by making used of the mathematical relationships between simple shapes. Such relationships can be extracted as rules and encoded into a computer program. The tool presented in this thesis is a program written in the Python programming language that is able to generate designs in the modeling software Rhinoceros. It allows designers to implement parametric models following the composition of building facades. Every facade element is generated according to a group of variables that enables the exploration of different design possibilities. The user interface developed for the program provides a user-friendly interaction by giving instructions and then allowing users to select the parameters values used to generate the facades. It offers an effective way to explore idea by architects. The program takes advantage of the high-processing power of the computer to provide numerous design solutions for architects to choose from. Although the programs was developed based on a small of sample facades designs, it can generate other designs based on the same design rules. In the future, this program can be further developed to satisfy additional requirements considered by architects in the design of facades.