Diversification of intertidal onchidiid slugs in the Indo-West Pacific: Systematics, Evolutionary History, and Biogeography

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Achleitner-Goulding, Tricia Christine
Graduate Program:
Doctor of Philosophy
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Date of Defense:
September 29, 2017
Committee Members:
  • Benoît Dayrat, Dissertation Advisor
  • Todd C. LaJeunesse, Committee Chair
  • Heather Hines, Committee Member
  • Benoît Dayrat, Committee Member
  • Andy Deans, Outside Member
  • Indo-West Pacific
  • Gastropod
  • systematics
  • integrative taxonomy
The Onchidiidae are one of the most poorly known groups of mangrove gastropods and the taxonomy of the onchidiids has long remained in confusion. However, thanks to extensive sampling, sixty-six species of onchidiids are now known from the tropical Indo-West Pacific. Many onchidiid species and several genera have never been previously described. The genus Peronina Plate, 1893 is revised here, and the new genera Wallaconchis and Alionchis are described. In the genus Peronina two species are described, in Wallaconchis ten species, and in Alionchis one species. Comparative anatomy, DNA sequences and natural history data are used to describe each species and distinguish genera. A multi-locus phylogeny is estimated for the family Onchidiidae, and the evolutionary history of anatomical characters and habitat shifts are mapped across the phylogeny. Geographic distributions of genera and the diversification of the Onchidiidae in the Indo-West Pacific are discussed.