Resource Allocation in Information-centric Networks

Open Access
Chen, Fangfei
Graduate Program:
Computer Science and Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy
Document Type:
Date of Defense:
May 14, 2012
Committee Members:
  • Thomas La Porta, Dissertation Advisor
  • Guohong Cao, Committee Member
  • Piotr Berman, Committee Member
  • Anna Cinzia Squicciarini, Committee Member
  • Resource Allocation
  • Information-centric
  • data dissemination
  • content distribution
  • convergecast
  • stochastic knapsack
In this proposed dissertation, we will study several resource allocation problems in information-centric networks (ICN). ICN is a novel networking architecture specifically designed for scalable and efficient distribution of information and content. This is different from the traditional Internet structure in that ICN focuses on delivery of information objects to users rather than end-to-end delivery of packets between hosts. Information flow in ICN starts from data collection and gathering, via processing and aggregation, and completes with dissemination and distribution. At each of these steps, different network resources serve the flows and provide a certain performance guarantee. However, resources are not infinitely available. Each type of resource is associated with a capacity and any allocation must not exceed this limitation. This dissertation focuses on allocating network resources to meet a certain objective under complex and realistic constraints. Problems we consider include data dissemination in mobile and wireless mesh networks, replica placement in content distribution networks, convergecast in sensor networks and resource allocation with stochastic demands. For these problems, we seek efficient algorithms that both admit good performance guarantees and perform well in practice.