Incorporating Acoustic Assessment into the Design and Analysis of Rotorcraft

Open Access
Sharma, Kalki
Graduate Program:
Aerospace Engineering
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
May 18, 2016
Committee Members:
  • Kenneth Steven Brentner, Thesis Advisor
  • George A Lesieutre, Committee Member
  • Edward Smith, Committee Member
  • WOPIt
  • Rotorcraft Acoustics
  • Noise Prediction
  • Conceptual Design
In this thesis a noise prediction system is proposed for use in the design cycle of rotorcraft. The system is comprised of the design tool NASA Design and Analysis of Rotorcraft (NDARC), a noise prediction tool PSU-WOPWOP, and an intermediate tool called WOPIt. The system works by having NDARC set up the rotorcraft configuration for user specified constraints and analyze the performance for mission profiles and flight conditions, and then have PSU-WOPWOP perform the noise prediction for the configuration. The noise prediction is performed using first principles and semi-empirical models, and the tools of the system are chosen to perform tasks accurately and efficiently to allow for rapid turnaround of rotorcraft configurations by the designer. With the aid of this system, a designer can properly weigh the costs and benefits of a rotorcraft configuration based not only on performance data, but also upon its acoustic impact.