Value Measurement and Framework usage for Enterprise Architecture: A Survey Based research study

Open Access
Basavaraju, Manasa
Graduate Program:
Information Sciences and Technology
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
April 28, 2011
Committee Members:
  • Dr Brian Cameron, Thesis Advisor
  • Brian Harold Cameron, Thesis Advisor
  • framework
  • survey
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • value measurement
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is increasingly being adopted in organizations today. Managing vast amounts of data while avoiding redundancy, achieving effective and efficient flow of information within the organization as well as across organizations, strategic alignment of business and IT are some of the top priorities for business leaders today. The growing need for industries to survive in a continually evolving market has led to the increasing adoption of Enterprise Architecture practice. Despite its growing popularity, there have been significant concerns raised about how to measure its business value. The inability of organizations to effectively account for the business impact of EA calls for a comprehensive measurement approach. This research seeks to provide an insight into the EA value measurement process based on experts’ opinion obtained through a survey instrument. In addition, it also reports various challenges of the value measurement process as identified by the survey respondents. One of the main contributions of this research is to extend the ideas laid out in the survey to develop a conceptual metrics-driven model for EA value measurement using business value concepts. This model can be a foundation for the measurement process within a broad range of organizations using EA. The second portion of the survey involves documenting the trends in EA frameworks. With the increasing number of frameworks proposed around EA, organizations often find the process of selecting the right framework challenging than ever before. Organizations use enterprise architecture frameworks to create strategic alignment between information technology and business which is crucial for its growth and success. Despite the existence of several research studies that compare EA frameworks, very few studies capture the information or the criteria that organizations need to consider when selecting a particular EA framework from a business perspective. While framework usage continues to become more mature within EA industry, little research has been done to document the trends. This research attempts to compare the attributes of various EA frameworks also suggesting methods to assist organizations in choosing the right EA framework approach based on expert’s opinion.