Scientific Server Simulation with Admission Control

Open Access
Barton, Jonathan Lee
Graduate Program:
Computer Science and Engineering
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
April 22, 2011
Committee Members:
  • Mahmut Taylan Kandemir, Thesis Advisor
  • cluster simulation
  • system optimization
  • admission control
The computing industry has been putting great emphasis on thermal and power conservation. With this trend, improving a system’s operation so that it will reduce power consumption has become a key goal. Many research papers have been written to propose numerous solutions to power and thermal reduction. This thesis proposes another possible improvement to cluster based system to optimize performance, which in turn will reduce power consumption. Admission control, a concept commonly used in networks, is applied in a simulator that tests its viability in a cluster system. The simulator mimics the operation of a cluster using data attained from the NAS benchmark suite. The results provided in this thesis show that the simulator provides a suitable Quality of Service (QoS) while promoting fast completion of jobs. This thesis describes, in detail, the gathering of the data used, the creation of the simulator, and the production of proper results. These all lead to showing that this research is a viable improvement that could be implemented on computing systems today.