Team Temporal Leadership: Construct Development and Validation

Open Access
Myer, Adam Timothy
Graduate Program:
Master of Science
Document Type:
Master Thesis
Date of Defense:
October 22, 2010
Committee Members:
  • Susan Mohammed, Thesis Advisor
  • Scale Validation
  • Time
  • Teams
  • Leadership
Recently, researchers have called for an increased emphasis on time’s role in team and leadership research. Mohammed and Nadkarni (in press) proposed “team temporal leadership” as a unidimensional, task oriented construct representing the degree to which team leaders schedule, synchronize, and allocate their team’s time. This research adopted the previous task oriented conceptualization and expanded the construct to include a second dimension (relationship oriented team temporal leadership). A scale reflecting this multidimensionality was developed and validity evidence was established regarding the scale’s factor structure, relationships with similar constructs, and team level outcomes. This evidence was collected in a series of four separate studies. CFA results indicated that the two dimensional model of team temporal leadership (task and relationship orientations) was stable over two separate samples. Each dimension exhibited unique patterns of relationships with correlates that were consistent with predictions. Finally, team level task and relationship oriented team temporal leadership each explained significant incremental variance in willingness to follow the leader and perceived leader effectiveness above controls including team size, initiation of structure, and consideration. Suggestions for future research on team temporal leadership are provided along with theoretical and practical implications of this research.