A Computational Investigation of Gear Windage

Open Access
Hill, Matthew John
Graduate Program:
Aerospace Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy
Document Type:
Date of Defense:
October 08, 2010
Committee Members:
  • Lyle Norman Long, Dissertation Advisor
  • Lyle Norman Long, Committee Chair
  • Robert Francis Kunz, Committee Chair
  • Philip John Morris, Committee Member
  • Surendra B Rao, Committee Member
  • CFD
  • gear windage
A CFD method has been developed for application to gear windage aerodynamics. The goals of this research are to develop and validate numerical and modeling approaches for these systems, to develop physical understanding of the aerodynamics of gear windage loss, including the physics of loss mitigation strategies, and to propose and evaluate new approaches for minimizing loss. Absolute and relative frame CFD simulation, overset gridding, multiphase ow analysis, and sub-layer resolved turbulence modeling were brought to bear in achieving these goals. Several spur gear geometries were studied for which experimental data are available. Various shrouding con figurations and free-spinning (no shroud) cases were studied. Comparisons are made with experimental data from the open literature, and data recently obtained in the NASA Glenn Research Center Gear Windage Test Facility. The results show good agreement with experiment. Interrogation of the validative and exploratory CFD results have led, for the first time, to a detailed understanding of the physical mechanisms of gear windage loss, and have led to newly proposed mitigation strategies whose effectiveness is computationally explored.